Online Add Watermark To PDF

About Add Watermark to PDF

The world has turned digital and with this digital transformation, plagiarism has become prevalent. It is therefore crucial that you take utmost care of your work and protect the copyrights. Adding watermark is the most used way of copyrighting audios, videos, images and documents. A digital watermark acts like an embedded signal. A digital watermark can also be used for tracing for copyright infringement.

A simply browsing through blogs and social media platforms will take you through tons of watermarked content. You must be wondering why watermarks are so essential. Well, you might have heard of many instances where images or videos are misused and altered and sometimes, the copyrighted material are redistributed illegally. The watermarked content protects you from such situations.

When you add watermarks to your PDF document, you let the world to know that the content is protected. If you are an internet marketer, then you can use the watermark to promote your brand. Also, this will prevent your competitor from using your documents. You can use our online adding watermark to PDF.

How to Add Watermark to PDF?

Firstly, select the PDF document that you want to copyright. Then select whether the watermark type is text or image. If it’s an image, you will have to choose the image either in JPG o PNG format and the maximum size is 30kB. If the watermark type is text, then you have to write the text. The word limit for the same is 70 words. You can also select the font size for the text along with the alignment of it and then click on “Submit.” The watermark will be added on your document.

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