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Distance Calculator

While travelling, if you want to make to the destination on time, it is important to know the distance that you will be travelling. Once you have an idea about the distance, it becomes very easy to calculate the time that will be taken for covering the distance. In such a case, you can use the distance calculator to know the distance between two locations.

How to use the distance calculator?

The web tool will first ask you to enter the location till where you want to find the distance. You have to type that location in the “Address To” box. After that, you will have to enter the initial location which needs to be written on the “Address For” box. You can, of course, interchange the location because it will not make any difference in the measurement of the actual distance between them. Once, you have entered both the location, tap on the “Calculate Distance” tab. Immediately below the tab, the distance between them will be shown in a kilometer. You can later convert the unit as per your convenience. And below the information of the distance, the time required to move from one location to another will be mentioned.

Below this, you will find the Google Map. In the Google Map, both the location will be pointed out. You should magnify the image a bit in order to have a clear idea about the distance between them. You can tap on the location pinpoint to further extract information about the address, ZIP code, latitude and longitude of the location. In the address section, the city, state, and country will be mentioned.

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