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The most important thing to decide when you decide to have a website is the name of the site. And once you have decided the name of the website, you need to check whether the domain for it is not available or not. It is important to ensure the domain name is available for the registration. Your domain name can later be used for even creating a brand of your website. Basically, the domain name is the foundation of your website. When you are selecting a domain name to ensure that it is short and easy to remember.

A common problem which is faced by many is that the domain name is not even available for registration. It is therefore important to have few domain names in your mind which can then be verified whether it is available for purchase or not. Manually searching whether a domain name is available or not can be tiresome and that’s when the Check Domain Availability tool comes to play where you can easily check whether the website domain name is available or not. With just a single click, you can check whether the domain name is available or not using the tool.

All the domain names are unique, and the domain name of your website is the address of the website on the internet. The domain name consists of three parts:

  • Top-level domain or domain suffix
  • The domain name also is known as IP address
  • Subdomain

If you are planning to rank your website, it will be a great advantage to you if you manage to include the keyword in the domain name itself. Also, while choosing the brand name as the domain name. By doing so, it will be easy for the audience to remember both your brand and websites. Also, include not only the brand name but the brand name that include the keywords.

Why Is Check Domain Availability An Important Tool?

The domain name of the website makes the first impression of your website. It is therefore important to have the best domain name. It is especially important if you are thinking of having an internet business. The Check Domain Availability tool plays a vital role when it comes to domain search. Each day, thousands of website domain names are selected, and when things are changing so dynamically, the tool can make things easier for you.

How to use Check Domain Availability?

It is very easy to use the Check Domain Availability tool. Enter the domain name of the website that you want to have. Select the suffix and then click on “Check.” If the website is taken, you will see the message “Availability: Domain xxxxxx has been taken,” and if the domain name is available, you will see the message “Availability: Domain xxxxxx is available.” If the domain name is available, without delay, go and purchase it.

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