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We can not ignore when it comes to writing a blog post or content for any website; the word count plays a significant role. From the character limits on Twitter to the documents needed in corporate word, the number of characters that you use is significant. Let us have a look to know why characters are important. The character limit on Twitter is 280. The Facebook doesn’t allow the users to post beyond 63,206 characters and one can not comment on a post with more than 8000 characters. The number of hash tags that can be used on Twitter is 30, and the character is limited to 2,200. And also, a good blog post should be more than 350 words. That’s where the importance of character and letter count lies. In order to ensure that you are well within the character and letter count for your project, you can use the Free Online Character and Letter Count Tool. Let us now see how you can use the Free Online Character and Letter Count Tool.

How To Use Free Online Character and Letter Count Tool?

You first need to enter the text for which you want to know the character count. You can directly type the text in the box provided, or you can simply copy and paste the text there and then click on Count Character. After that, you will be shown two results. The first result will be with the character including spaces and the second one will be characters without space. On the basis of your requirement, you can select the desired character count. Counting words manually are not possible and that’s why you should use this tool which can be utilized for free.

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