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All meta information goes in the head section

Make a simple Google Search of your favorite topic. Are you able to see a short description of the websites in the search page? Well, that should explain the importance of the meta tags. The meta tags are used by the search engines for indexing your website and therefore, you should take utmost care of the meta tags. The Meta Tag Generator will allow you to create suitable meta tags for your website.

How to Use Meta Tags Generator?

For generating the meta tag generator, you have first to enter the URL and then click on the “Import” tab. After which, you will be asked the enter the following data:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

The users have the freedom to include multiple keywords. In case, you are using more than one keyword; the keywords have to be separated with commas. Once all the necessary data has been filled in click on “Generate Metadata.” Now under the generated Metadata HTML, you will find the metadata which has been generated. All meta information goes in the head section. You have then manually put the generated meta tags on the header section of your website. The meta tags which are generated using our Meta Tags Generator will help you to index your website and apart from that will also help you in internet searcher ranking.

Why Use Meta Tags Generator?

The metatags which help you to create a benchmark for your website. Also, these meta tags will help you in indexing your website. With just an overview, the users will come to know what your website is all about. Previously, generating meta tags required skilled professionals. However, with our free meta tags generator, even a newbie who wants a perfect website can create the meta tags. In short, one should generate meta tags not for the website as a whole but also for the important pages of that website.

Most Used Meta Tags

The following meta tags are used mostly in the web page.

Title: It displays on the search engines result and browser tab as web page title.

title Welcome to SemicolonWorld WebToolstitle>

Description: Define a description of the web page.

meta name="description" content="Free Online Web Tools">

Keywords: Define keywords of the web page for search engines.

meta name="keywords" content="web, tools, online, free">

Author: Define the author of the web page.

meta name="author" content="SemicolonWorld">

Other Meta Tags:

The following meta tags are less used in the web page.

Robots: Specify to allow search engine to index the web page.

meta name="robots" content="index, follow">

Re-index: Specify when the spiders will come back and index your website again.

meta name="revisit-after" content="1 day">

Author: Specify the language of the web page.

meta name="language" content="english">

Copyright: Protect the web page content by specifying copyright meta tag.

meta name="copyright" content="">

Email: Define email address of the webmaster.

meta name="reply-to" content="[email protected]">

Charset: Specify the character-set of the web page.

meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

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