Google Map Embed Code Generator

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The Google Map Generator is a web tool that allows the users to create Google Map which can then be embedded in their website. The Google Map Generator will create the Google Map for you within seconds. The created Google Map can then be used in the “Contact Us” page of your website.

When you submit your business on Google Maps, it becomes effortless for the customers to find the location of your business. This increases the accessibility between your business and the customer. You now know what Google Map Generator can do, let me know to tell you why do you need to embed Google Map on your website.

Importance Of Embedded Google Map on your website

The major significance of embedding a Google Map on your website is the fact that it will allow the customers to find the location of your business easily. Also, this will attract the local customers, and you can let them know about your presence through it. Hence, direct growth in your business is possible through this. Not only the embedded Google Map will tell the customers about the location of your business but will also let them know about the best route available for them to reach you. And this makes things easier for your customer. If you want to target customers from your demographic location, then having an embedded Google Map is a must-have on your website. Let us now see how you can use the Google Map Generator.

How to use the Google Map Generator?

For creating a map in the Google Map Embed Code Generator, you need to enter the following information:

  • Title
  • Address
  • Map Width (in pixels)
  • Map Height (in pixels)
  • Zoom Level
  • Get Map Code In
  • API Key

And then you have to hit the “Generate Map Code” tab and then within the next 30 seconds a map will be generated for you. The zoom level for the same lies between 5 to 18. By default, the zoom level is 12 but feel free to change it as per your convenience. All the information is readily provided by the users, however, they get stuck at the API key.

The API key is required when one wants to use the Maps JavaScript API on their web server, mobile app or website. Basically, the API is needed because it is through this key the API requires which is associated with you project will be tracked. You can get the API key from the Google Cloud Platform Console where you will need to pick products, select and then create the protect and then finally a billing account has to be established. After that the API key will be provided to you. Once, you have the API key, enter that key and you are good to go. You will be provided with a map widget code that you can use on your website. Your potential customers will have the option having a magnified look of the map.

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