Image Compressor

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Image Compressor

Did it even happen that you tried uploading an image, but you received a notification saying that the image is way too large to be uploaded? If it ever happened to you, all you need is a good Image Compressor. Image Compressor is a way of reducing the size of an image without actually compromising with the quality of the image. The process ensures that you have a smaller picture, but the quality of the image has not been compromised with. The image compression is done using the image compressor.

How to use the Image Compressor?

You first need to select the image that you want to compress. You can do that by clicking on “Select File.” You can select up to ten files at a time. And then you will have to select the compression level. The compression level exists between 10% to 100%. You can do that by sliding the compression level bar and once you have selected the compression level, click on “Compress Now.” The image will be now compressed, and you can download the compressed image now.

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