Online PageSpeed Checker

Online Pagespeed Checker

You can now monitor the speed of your blog or website with the help of Online Pagespeed Checker. The page speed of your website determines the user experience. When normal people browse through the internet with so many options available, they often turn impatient when a website takes plenty of time to get loaded. It is therefore important to take care the page speed. This is what the Online Pagespeed Checker allows you to do. The tool provides you with the information of the website time load, and once you have the information, you can work on improving it. Also, it allows you to know which web page work faster than the rest. And you can then, step-by-step optimize your website.

How to use the Online Pagespeed Checker?

Enter the URL for which you want to check the page speed and then click on “Check”. The Online Pagespeed Checker will provide you with the page speed for mobile and desktop. It will rate the page speed of the website out of 100 and it will give you page stats. What makes the Online Pagespeed Checker different from other page speed checker is the fact that it also provides the users with the optimization suggestions. And you can also download the detailed report for future use to.

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