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The Online Word Count Tool is a word counter that tells you the number of words in a document. When it comes to the metric of writing, word count plays a very important role especially if you are writing for a blog post. For example, a good blog post should have more than 350 words. Of course, one cannot think of counting each word manually at this age and that’s where the Free Online Word Count Tool comes to use. You can increase your writing productivity with this tool.

Just as a salesman is paid on basis of the number of sales that they have paid, similarly, a writer is paid on basis of number of words that they have written. It is therefore important to keep the number of words in the mind. The number of words are also very important when it comes to writing a project or competition. Whether you are writing an essay or a book, you need to respect both the minimum and the maximum word count. The word count regulates the length of the document that you are creating. You can count the words in a specific document with the help of Free Online Word Count Tool.

Also, when you are presented with limited number of words, you consider the words that you will be using in your writing intelligently. When you are writing, with the quality of the project, it is also important to consider the quantity of it. Whether you are writing a thesis or a dissertation or you are writing for words, the number of word count will play a vital role. Previously, there was no easy way of counting the number of words but now the things have been made easier. You can now easily calculate the number of words in a document and that too for free. Let us now see how you can use the Free Online Word Count Tool.

How To Use The Free Online Word Count Tool?

Just type the text or copy and paste the document of which you want to know the word count and then click on “Count Words”. The tool will then tell you the number of words which are in the document.

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