Password Strength Checking with jQuery


Password Strength Checker

News about digital robbing is not new. It is high time that everyone takes internet security seriously. We deal with so many things online, be it on social media platform or internet banking, it is important to protect all the accounts. Many cases of phishing have also been reported. You should of course, not disclose your personal details to other people, apart from that you should also choose a strong password to keep everything safe. Also, take extra precautions to ensure that you do not provide your personal details on a website that is not secure. You can protect all your accounts using a strong password. A right password should have a good combination of characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, space, and symbols. If you are ever sceptical whether your password is strong or not, you can check it using the Password Strength Checker tool.

The Password Strength Checker tool provided by us evaluate the syntax and tells you whether the password is strong or not. Also, the password that you check is neither moved over the internet nor to our server. Your password is safe with us.

How To Use Password Strength Check?

Type your password in the box provided. As you type the password, the strength will be shown to you. If the strength is weak, you need to create a more complicated password. If the strength is shown to be good, the password has a scope of improvement; you can make the password by adding digits and special character. If the password strength is shown to be strong, you can go ahead with the password because it is perfect.

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