Pixels and Aspect Ratio Calculator

If you someone who has to deal with the digital platform, you are perhaps aware of the fact that every digital video, frame, responsive design, image, and canvas have a precise ratio. The ratio enables to fit the shape into different medium and devices like camera screen and television. Fitting ratios for different mediums is a challenging task for many designers especially if they have to crop it and then convert the content. Luckily, our pixels and aspect ratio calculator make the job easy for you. We save you from the tough calculation by converting the pixel dimension into aspect ratio. You can, of course, do the vice versa for the same. To know what format you need, all you need to do is enter the dimension, and we will do the calculation for you.

How to use Pixels And Aspect Ratio Calculator?

Our calculator displays the common ratios which are HD (16:9), Standard (4:3), 480p (3:2) and HD+ (21:9). You can also use your customized ratio too. For calculating the aspect ratio, you have to provide the pixels width and pixels height. And if you want to calculate that pixels resolution, you have to give the ratio; it’s that simple!

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