I need to know how implement a toggle button

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I have posted a question on this forum and a moderator asked to create a question and link to the original post.

This is the post. toggle show/hide div with button?

The question is regarding the solution provided by NAVEED answered Dec 24 '10 at 19:50.

I want know how can I use only the word "open" in the button when the div is closed and "close" when the div is open? I mean, switching the words open and close on the button.

Thank you.

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  • Using the following HTML Naveed used.


    <div id='content'>Hello World</div>
    <input type='button' id='hideshow' value='hide/show'>

    You can then use the following JS to both toggle a show/hide class on your button and change the text.


        var btn = $('#hideshow')
        var content = $('#content')
        btn.click( function() ) {
             if (content.hasClass("show"){
             } else{


      display: none;
      display: block;

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