How to trigger focusout on an element other than an input field?

I'm trying to trigger a focusout event on an ul element:

  <ul _v-2e9e2f12="">
    <li _v-2e9e2f12="">
      <a _v-2e9e2f12="">
      <ul _v-0078ee36="" _v-2e9e2f12="">
        <li>List element</li>
        <li>List element</li>
        <li>List element</li>

// JS
$(document).ready(function() {
  $("a").click(function(ev) {
    var $icon = $(ev.currentTarget)
    var $menu = $
    console.log('Focus triggered!')

  $("ul[_v-0078ee36]").focusout(function() {
    console.log('Focusout triggered!')

But .focusout is never triggered.

What's the correct way of doing it?

Here's the JSFiddle.

Answers 1

  • Elements other than input elements cannot be focused unless you give a tab index to them.

    <ul tabindex="-1" _v-0078ee36="" _v-2e9e2f12="">

    So if you want to trigger the focus out for a non input element, you have to set its tab index to -1.


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