AngularJS Datatables sort on checked items

I am using anguarljs Lin Datatables Lin Datatables
The datatables work nice and search,sort works great, but there is a requirement to sort the datatable's on checked items.
For example , when user checks the checkbox and wants to sort on basis of checked items the sorting functionality doesn't work.
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Can anyone please suggest how to sort using Lin datatables on basis of check-boxes.
The html code for checking the check-box state is

    <td><input id="{{content.fileName}}" type="checkbox"
value="{{content.fileName}}" ng-model="content.isChecked"
ng-click="toggleSelection(content)" /></td>

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  • You should implement the small dom-checkbox plugin. It works with angular dataTables as well :

    $.fn.dataTable.ext.order['dom-checkbox'] = function  ( settings, col ) {
      return this.api().column( col, {order:'index'} ).nodes().map( function ( td, i ) {
        return $('input', td).prop('checked') ? '1' : '0';

    Then set the # column to use dom-checkbox as orderDataType :

      .withOption('orderDataType', 'dom-checkbox'),

    have replicated your scenario here ->

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