fail to get json object in javascript from php

I am trying to pass json string to javascript from php, so at first i did

<div id="picker" data-dates=\''.json_encode(unserialize($a->available_datetime)).'\'></div>

and then, i try to grab it in jquery

    available = $("#picker").attr("data-dates");

However, it seems it then fail to loop through the object to get key and val


It keep getting error of

var length = !!obj && "length" in obj && obj.length,

Tried for several hours now, cant find a solution to solve. Anyone can help? Thanks.

Answers 1

  • Use $("#picker").data("dates") it will get the data stored in the attribute data-dates and convert it to JSON, assuming you have a JSON string in that attribute.

    Then use:

     for (var i in available) {
          //do something with available[i]

    check example:

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