Setting property of plugin dynamically based on browser width

I am currently implementing a accordion image slider into a project and the slider has the following optional settings.

    type: "horizontal",
    cssAttrsHor: {
        ulWidth: "responsive",
        liHeight: 500,
        liWidth: 50
    cssAttrsVer: {
        ulWidth: "responsive"
    startSlide: 2,
    openCloseHelper: {
        openIcon: "plus",
        closeIcon: "minus"
    openOnebyOne: true,
    classTab: "small",
    slideOn: "click",
    autoPlay: true,
    autoPlaySpeed: 3000

Where it says: type:"horizontal", I want to change this to: type:"vertical", When the browser width is under 768px, is that even possible.

Answers 1

  • try to make it variable

    var x;
    x = "vertical";}else{
    x= "horizontal";}

    and then you put your code here as defined below

      type: x , 

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