MultiTouch HTML

I would like to know if it is possible for MultiTouch to be implemented on HTML.

Scenario like this:

<iframe id="Example1"
<iframe id="Example2"

Two iframe are been used, two of them have page scroller. If two finger were used to scroll the page, both of them should work simultaneously.

I have read up on Canvas (touchstart, touchmove amd touchend) but it doesn't support iframes and I have also search for various Javascript Multitouch but they are usually used for drawing purpose.

Answers 1

  • HTML 5 certainly supports multi-touch, and theres a great article here that details it quite well, nothing about iframe's though. Multi-touch is possible though. You didn't actually state if your current code works for you or not, but I assume it doesn't. I would look into multitouch exclusively more rather than how it works with iframes, and see if you can adapt it to them.

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