How to call multiple ajax at same time (and get results asychronous) in ReactJS?

I want to send multiple ajax calls in ReactJS, and I wonder if the code is executed in order. Will the second ajax call be sent only after the first ReactJS component is rendered?

var firstAJAX = React.createClass({
  componentWillMount: function() {
    this.state = {list: []};
  componentDidMount: function() {
      url: '/someurl',
      dataType: 'json',
      cache: false,
      type: 'GET',
      success: function(data) {
        this.setState({list: data});
      error: function(xhr, status, err) {
        console.error('url', status, err.toString());
  render: function() {
    return (
ReactDOM.render(<firstAJAX />,

var secondAJAX = React.createClass({
   //similar code with different url from firstAJAX

I want to handle multiple document elements with the results got from ajax. How to make the send 1 ajax->render->send 1 ajax->render->... become send multiple ajaxs -> render -> render...

Answers 1

  • Assuming you add the following code after your var secondAJAX = ... declaration, the 2nd ajax call would happen after the first one rendered.

    ReactDOM.render(<secondAJAX />,

    I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish with this question, but you probably don't want to be doing things this way.

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