How to get Html Action Link id value using jquery and setup a new value

I have a Html Action link like below.

<div class="mylink"> @Html.ActionLink("SEARCH NOW", "MscHome", new { @id = "anu" }, new { @class = "linkone" })</div>

I need to get its id and set up a new one using jquery.first I tried to get the id and show it as and alert.but it shows undefined

$(".linkone").mouseenter(function () {
   //tried both ways
        var myval = $(".linkone").attr('id');


Answers 1

  • I edited your code and it work well:

    @Html.ActionLink("SEARCH NOW", "MscHome",new { }, new { @class = "linkone",@id = "anu" })

     $(".linkone").mouseenter(function () {

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