Multi Dates Picker - having problems sending dates through $_POST

thanks in advance for your help!

I'm having problems sending dates through $_POST from the multi dates picker calendar... it's probably something very simple that I just can't see!

Code on the front end:

   <form method="post" action="add_new_date.php">
   <div id="simpliest-usage" name="simpliest-usage"></div>
    <input type="submit">

The calendar displays fine.

Code on the action page:

    echo $_POST['simpliest-usage'];

Just trying to display them on the screen first, making sure the right dates are passing through!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Answers 1

  • <div id="simpliest-usage" name="simpliest-usage"></div>
    // change this line
     <input type ="text" id="simpliest-usage" name="simpliest-usage" readonly/>

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