Pass object through Link in react router

Is it possible to pass an object via Link component in react-router?

Something like:
<Link to='home' params={{myObj: obj}}> Click </Link>

In the same way as I would pass props from the Parent to Child component.

If it's not possible what is the best way of achieving this:
I have a React + Flux app, and I render the table with some data. What I am trying to do is when I click on one of the rows it would take me to some details component for this row. The row has all of the data I need so I thought it would be great if I could just pass it through Link.

The other option would be to pass the id of the row in the url, read it in the details component and request the data from the store for by ID.

Not sure what is the best way of achieving the above...

Answers 1

  • So my final conclusion on this question is that I didn't think it through properly. It seemed natural just to pass my data through the Link so I can access them in my Child component. As Colin Ramsay mentioned there is something called state in the Link but that's not the way to do it. It would work fine when the data is passed through Link only if the user clicks on something and is taken to the Child component.

    The problem comes when the user accesses the url which is used in Link then there is no way to get the data.

    So the solution in my case was to pass the ID in Link params and then check if my Store has the data (user accesses it via Link) and then getting this data from the Store.

    Or if the data is not in the Store call the action to fetch the data from the API.

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