Accessing Ajax Response JSON Data in javascript

I use an AJAX request to get the data from the backend when user select an option from a dropdown menu.

    $('#adSpace').change(function () {
        var sel_opt = $(this).val();


        var location = null;
        var width = null;
        var height = null;

            type: "GET",
            dataType: 'json',
            url: "advertisements-controller.php",
            data: {
                action: "getDimension",
                location: sel_opt
            success: function (response) {

                location = response.banner_location;

            error: function (xhr) {


Now i'm getting the data from backend in JSON format like below:


I want to access the values of banner_location, banner_width, banner_height by assigning those to javascript variables but I'm failing to do it. Any ideas?

Answers 1

  • response is an array of json. In order to access the json you need to firsr access the index of the array which is done by array[indexNumber] then the key of the json. In your case it will be response[0].banner_location

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