How to clear all cached images loaded from SDWebImage?

I have all images loaded on my app via SDWebImage. The downloading and caching works great, but I wanted to make a button that can clear all cached images in the entire app.

I have a "Clear Cache" button as a UIButton on one of my tab bar views. How can I make it so when this button is tapped, all the cached images are removed and need to be re-downloaded?

Using Swift.

Thank you!

Answers 1

  • If you want to completely clear the cache do the following:


    - (IBAction)clearCache:(id)sender {
        [[SDImageCache sharedImageCache]clearMemory];
        [[SDImageCache sharedImageCache]clearDisk];

    Swift 5


    Swift 3.0

    @IBAction func clearCache(sender: UIButton) {

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