Gmail SMTP is not working in ec2 instance

i am using Ubuntu based ec2 instance, recently i have shifted my code on aws and it seemed email functionality is not working. I am using gmail SMTP service below is my code

    'From'=>'from addr', 
    'setForm'=>'from name',

this code is working on my unix based server but on aws it is giving below error

Mailer Error: The following From address failed: : MAIL not accepted from server,530,5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at 530 5.5.1 y6sm27370508qen.21 - gsmtp

Please help

Answers 1

  • MAIL not accepted from server

    Because of the spam abuse that has historically been sent from people using EC2 instances, virtually ALL popular mail providers block the receipt of email from EC2 instances. The world of email and anti-spam measures is part-technical, part-political. For this reason, AWS offers Amazon Simple Email Service.

    AWS works with mail providers to ensure that the nodes used by SES have been whitelisted because we do proper authorization/verification up-front.

    In this case, the ability to send email from one server but not AWS is, in all likelihood, due to EC2's IP range being blacklisted by Google.

    Authentication Required

    If the same user/pass works elsewhere without changes, I'm not sure what to say. I know that lots and lots of mail traffic no longer uses port 25, opting instead for 587 for non-SSL and 465 for SSL. That's the first place I'd start poking to find a solution.

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