AWS SNS delivery status

I am new in Aws, I am using Aws SNS to send notification, i am sending notifications to different topic not to endpoint. This is working perfectly.

When i publish notification, i got array like

object(Aws\Result)#84 (1) {
       array(2) {
         string(36) "************-7a29-591f-8765-************"
         array(4) {
        string(40) ""
        array(4) {
            string(36) "************-b737-5831-abf4-************"
            string(8) "text/xml"
            string(3) "294"
            string(29) "Fri, 28 Oct 2016 08:59:05 GMT"
            array(1) {
               array(1) {
               array(0) {}

I am using php at server side, How can i get notification delivery status of all recepients by this message id?

Thanks in Anticipants.

Answers 1

  • You are asking how to obtain notification delivery status of messages sent via Amazon SNS.

    The Using Amazon SNS Topic Attributes for Message Delivery Status documentation says:

    Amazon SNS provides support to log the delivery status of notification messages sent to topics with the following Amazon SNS endpoints:

    • Application
    • HTTP
    • Lambda
    • SQS

    After you configure the message delivery status attributes, log entries will be sent to CloudWatch Logs for messages sent to a topic subscribed to an Amazon SNS endpoint.

    I could not find a specific API call to request status by message_id. Instead, it appears that the logging information is sent to CloudWatch Logs. You would need to parse the logs to discover the status.

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