How to safely upgrade an Amazon EC2 instance from t1.micro to large?

I have an Amazon EC2 micro instance (t1.micro). I want to upgrade this instance to large. This is our production environment, so what is the best and risk-free way to do this?

Is there any step by step guide to do this?

Answers 1

  • From my experience, the way I do it is create a snapshot of your current image, then once its done you'll see it as an option when launching new instances. Simply launch it as a large instance at that point.

    This is my approach if I do not want any downtime(i.e. production server) because this solution only takes a server offline only after the new one is up and running(I also use it to add new machines to my clusters by using this approach to only add new machines). If Downtime is acceptable then see Marcel Castilho's answer.

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