How to assign EIP to Autoscaling Group of VPC in Cloudformation template

I want to assign one of my reserved Elastic IP's(ec2 classic ip) to Autoscaling group in VPC. Using AWS Cli I moved ip to vpc:

$ aws ec2 move-address-to-vpc --public-ip

And saw in aws concole, that this IP passed to VPC. And Assigned in tags of AutoscalingGroup in Cloudformation template in Resources:

"Process": {
        "Type" : "AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup",
        "Properties": {
            "LaunchConfigurationName": {"Ref": "PreprocessorLC"},
            "LoadBalancerNames": [{"Ref": "ProcessELB"}],
            "VPCZoneIdentifier" : [{ "Fn::Join" : [",", [ { "Ref" : "PublicSubnet1"}, { "Ref" : "PublicSubnet2"} ]]}],
            "AvailabilityZones": {"Ref": "AZs"},
            "MinSize" : "1",
            "MaxSize" : "1",
            "HealthCheckGracePeriod": 300,
            "Tags" : [
                {"Key": "Name", "Value": {"Fn::Join": ["", [{"Ref": "Env"}, "-Process"]]}, "PropagateAtLaunch": true},
                {"Key": "WorkersScalingGroup", "Value": {"Fn::Join": ["", ["Offering-", {"Ref": "Env"},  "-Process-Worker"]]}, "PropagateAtLaunch": true},
                {"Key": "EIP", "Value": {"Ref": "ProcessIP"}, "PropagateAtLaunch": true},
                {"Key": "Environment", "Value": {"Ref": "Env"}, "PropagateAtLaunch": true}

And added value of "ProcessIP" in Parameters:

            "Description": "DEV:",
            "Type": "String",
            "Default": "",
            "AllowedValues": [""]

And it doesn't worked. Still get random IP. If someone can tell where I'm wrong or what should to add for make it work?


Answers 1

  • Here is simple bash script:

    # Region in Which instance is running
    #Instance ID captured through Instance meta data
    InstanceID=`/usr/bin/curl -s`
    #Elastic IP captured through the EIP instance tag
    Elastic_IP=`/opt/aws/apitools/ec2/bin/ec2-describe-tags -O $AWS_ACCESS_KEY -W $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY --filter resource-id=$InstanceID --filter key='EIP' | cut -f5`
    Allocate_ID=`/opt/aws/apitools/ec2/bin/ec2-describe-tags -O $AWS_ACCESS_KEY -W $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY --filter resource-id=$InstanceID --filter key="AllocationID" | cut -f5`
    #Assigning Elastic IP to Instance
    aws ec2 associate-address --instance-id $InstanceID --allocation-id $Allocate_ID

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