Scheduling A Job on AWS EC2

I have a website running on AWS EC2. I need to create a nightly job that generates a sitemap file and uploads the files to the various browsers. I'm looking for a utility on AWS that allows this functionality. I've considered the following:

1) Generate a request to the web server that triggers it to do this task

  • I don't like this approach because it ties up a server thread and uses cpu cycles on the host

2) Create a cron job on the machine the web server is running on to execute this task

  • Again, I don't like this approach because it takes cpu cycles away from the web server

3) Create another EC2 instance and set up a cron job to run the task

  • This solves the web server resource issues, but why pay for an additional EC2 instance to run a job for <5 minutes? Waste of money!

Are there any other options? Is this a job for ElasticMapReduce?

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