Selective file download in AWS S3 CLI

I have files in S3 bucket, I was trying to download files based on date like 08th aug, 09th Aug, how can I download selective date file?. I used following code but it still downloads entire bucket list

aws s3 cp s3://bucketname/ folder/file --profile pname --exclude \"*\" --recursive --include \"" + "2015-08-09" + "*\"

I am not sure, how to achieve this.

Answers 1

  • This command will copy all files starting with 2015-08-15:

    aws s3 cp s3://BUCKET/ folder --exclude "*" --include "2015-08-15*" --recursive

    If your goal is to synchronize a set of files without copying them twice, use the sync command:

    aws s3 sync s3://BUCKET/ folder

    That will copy all files that have been added or modified since the previous sync.

    In fact, this is the equivalent of the above cp command:

    aws s3 sync s3://BUCKET/ folder --exclude "*" --include "2015-08-15*"


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