Socket call in CoroutineScope?

Which would be the right way to make a TCP request using Socket in kotlin by using CoroutineScope?

by using GlobalScope.async the call works properly but i get the inspector errors on socket which says: Inappropriate blocking method call

The socket call should be done from a handler function and i was trying to do it by using Coroutine IO but when i try to run it i get the error:

FATAL EXCEPTION: DefaultDispatcher-worker-1

Here is my code:

private fun handlePhoneCall(
    response: CallResponse.Builder,
    phoneNumber: String
): CallResponse.Builder {
    val ipCassa = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this).getString("server", "")

    GlobalScope.launch(IO) {
        Socket(ipCassa, 50000).use { socket: Socket ->
            val outputStream = socket.getOutputStream()
        }.runCatching {

        }.onFailure {
            Log.e("SOCKET", it.message.toString())

    return response

Answers 1

  • Use withContext(Dispatchers.IO) {} can get rid of the Inappropriate blocking method call warning. Following is my example of using Socket with my receipt printer:

    In ViewModel:

    class FirstViewModel : ViewModel() {
        private val uiScope = viewModelScope
        fun print() {
            uiScope.launch {
                //show loading dialog
                PrintService.print()  //suspend function, won't run next line until it finishes
                //hide loading dialog

    In Util Class:

    object PrintService {
        suspend fun print() {
            withContext(Dispatchers.IO) {
                try {
                    val socket = Socket("", 9100)
                    val outputStream = socket.getOutputStream()
                    outputStream.use {
                } catch (e: IOException) {
                    //log your error


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