How to create Android Signing Certificate (keystore JKS file) programmatically instead of using Android Studio?

I want to create jks file (keystore) file programmatically (some script on Java/Kotlin JVM) without using Android Studio. Is it possible?

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I have a little code to create this file but how fill all the needed data to that key?

fun createJksFile() {
    val keyFilePassword = "test"
    val keyAlias = "test"
    val keyPassword = "test"
    val keyValidity = "100"
    val CertificateFirstandLastName = "Test"
    val CertificateOrganizationalUnit = "Test"
    val CertificateOrganization = "Test"
    val CertificateCityorLocality = "US"
    val CertificateStateorProvince = "US"
    val CertificateCountryCode = "US"

    val ks = KeyStore.getInstance(KeyStore.getDefaultType())
    val password = keyFilePassword.toCharArray()
    ks.load(null, password)
    // TODO: how to set all needed data?

    FileOutputStream(File(projectDir, "_test_key.jks")).use { fos ->, password)

Answers 1

  • I decided to use this solution

    val keystoreCommand = "keytool -genkey -noprompt \n" +
            "-alias ${keyStore.keyAlias} \n" +
            "-dname \"CN=${keyStore.certificateFirstandLastName}, OU=${keyStore.certificateOrganizationalUnit}, O=${keyStore.certificateOrganization}, L=${keyStore.certificateCityorLocality}, S=${keyStore.certificateStateorProvince}, C=${keyStore.certificateCountryCode}\" \n" +
            "-keystore \"C:\\Users\\Desktop\\keystore.jks\" \n" +
            "-storepass ${keyStore.keyFilePassword} \n" +
            "-keypass ${keyStore.keyPassword}"
    Runtime.getRuntime().exec(keystoreCommand).apply {
    data class KeyStore(
        val keyFilePassword: String,
        val keyAlias: String,
        val keyPassword: String,
        val keyValidity: String,
        val certificateFirstandLastName: String,
        val certificateOrganizationalUnit: String,
        val certificateOrganization: String,
        val certificateCityorLocality: String,
        val certificateStateorProvince: String,
        val certificateCountryCode: String

    Though we can do it without keytool but it's quite a lot of code to handle

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