How to Disable Stack Trace Info in Go for any OS Executing the Binary

I am currently building a CLI using Go and am trying to disable any backtrace that is produced as a result of a panic. I believe my code has great error handling, but would now like to suppress any panic messages (fairly new to Go).

I currently put in the following in my main.go function (to purposely cause a panic):

var myarr [2]string
myarr[0] = "Foo"
myarr[1] = "Bar"
for i := range myarr {

And I get this as a result:

goroutine 1 [running]:
panic: runtime error: index out of range [2] with length 2

        {directory where main.go is located}/main.go:23 +0x207

How can I suppress this error such that anyone with the executable binary file will not be able to see this error?

I've tried utilizing the GOBACKTRACE environment variable when building my binary and setting its value to GOBACKTRACE=none, but this has no effect on other operating systems I've tested on.

Answers 1

  • As @Burak mentioned you want to use the built-in Go function recover. There's a good Go blog post on all the subtleties of panic and recovery.

    If you want to blanket cover your entire application stack, then simply register recover via a defer function at the main level:

    func main() {
        defer func() {
            if r := recover(); r != nil {
                fmt.Println("unexpected problem encountered - aborting")
                // optionally log `r` to an exception log - so users may email to developer

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