How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Website

Are you going to launch a new website on the live hosting server? Or want to change existing hosting to the best hosting provider? You’re in the right place, this article will help you to short out the best web hosting at a low price. There are thousands of providers are available for web hosting, but choosing a best from those is a tough decision.

Web hosting takes an important role of your website success. Before selecting a host, ensure that your web hosting company would fulfill your business needs. In this post, we’ll help you to pick the best web host and hosting plan that suits with your website.

Choose Hosting Server

At first, you need to understand the different types of hosting and which will perfect for your website. Usually, 3 types of hosting server are offered by web hosting providers. You need to choose a hosting server depend on your website’s needs.

Shared Server:
This is the most common and affordable web hosting server. With shared server option web hosting provider hosts many websites on one server. Shared Hosting server may be a good choose for individuals and it charges low cost compared to other hosting servers.
Shared Server hosting plan costs between $2 USD to $8 USD (per month)

Dedicated Server:
Dedicated Server mainly used by the high traffic websites and it is expensive compared to Shared Hosting. If you runs a high volume website and wants an own server, then Dedicated Server is a great option for you. The cost of a dedicated server is much higher than a shared hosting.
Dedicated Server hosting plan costs between $79 USD to $400 USD (per month)

Virtual Private Server (VPS):
VPS usually used for large websites that need more features. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and you have superuser-level access to that OS. The cost of VPS is in between the Shared and Dedicated server.
Virtual Private Server hosting plan costs between $20 USD to $99 USD

Choose Hosting Provider

Once you have decided the hosting server, now it’s time to choose a best hosting provider. Before selecting your hosting provider, check the following things.

1. Check Customer Service
The customer support is an important factor for choosing a web host. Server downtime and technical issue impact on your website visitors. Check what kinds of customer service options they will provide to you.

  • Live Chat or Phone support is the best method of customer service and you can get solution instantly.
  • 24 hours Email support is another good method of customer service.
  • Support Ticket method takes much time compared to the other methods. If the hosting provider only provides this option, look for another provider.

2. Check Storage and Bandwidth Allowances

  • Storage is the amount of space your website is taken for its contents (web pages, databases, images, videos, and everything). Based on your website content size, decide the suitable hosting disk space. Some web hosting providers offer unlimited or unmetered disk space, go with one of them.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data that is allocated to be transferred from your server to visitors. Many web hosting providers offer unlimited or unmetered Bandwidth, go with one of them.

3. Check Uptime
High uptime makes sure your visitors can always reach your website. Downtime will cost you a lot, choose the provider who claims 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

4. Check Features
Ensure that your web host provides the tools and services which you need to manage your site. The required feature includes cPanel, FTP access, Blog integration, email address configuration, and other tools.

5. Hosting Price
The high cost isn’t always an indication of quality service, compare the hosting price against features and services. You should ensure that the hosting plan gets value for your money. Nowadays you can get a quality hosting service at low cost. So you can enjoy price cut without compromise the quality of service. Balancing web hosting cost is essential for making a successful Money Making Website. At the recommended hosting section we’ll mention some best hosting providers at low cost with quality service.

Recommended Hosting Provider

We’re using different web host from a long time. Based on our experience, we’ll suggest some best hosting provider for your website. Our suggested hosting providers come with a free domain, so you can cut your domain registration cost. Also, these hosting providers are suggested after considering all the features mentioned in this guide.
1. Bluehost – Web hosting starts from $3.95 USD (per month)
2. HostGator – Web hosting starts from $3.95 USD (per month)
3. GoDaddy- Web hosting starts from $1 USD (per month)
4. DreamHost – Web hosting starts from $7.95 USD (per month)

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