Codelobster PHP Edition – The Best Free PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Editor (IDE)

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software that provides many features for authoring, modifying, compiling, deploying and debugging the application. Most modern IDE contains source code editor, build automation tools, code completion, and debugger. Basically, IDE is designed for increase the productivity of programmers and helps to develop application faster.

To get started with PHP programming, PHP IDE is the first and important tool. For valuable work on the creation of sites you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many paid products available for this purpose, but selecting a free editor with paid features would be a smart choice. If you are a smart developer and looking for a free PHP IDE, Codelobster PHP Edition is perfect for you.

Codelobster PHP Edition is the best free powerful PHP source code editor comes with wide range of features and facilitates for rapid development and effective PHP programming. Let us consider some important possibilities and advantages of Codelobster PHP IDE:

  • Syntax Highlighting: Codelobster PHP Edition highlights depending on code type, so the area of HTML will be highlighted as HTML, PHP as PHP, and Javascript as Javascript in the same file. It helps the developer to differentiate the code from each other. Also, there is a possibility of choice from color schemes, including popular IDEs.
  • Auto-completion: Automatic code completion makes Codelobster PHP IDE more powerful. Autocompletion work for HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript, including HTML5 and CSS3. For PHP the structure of the project is fully recognized, and the complete list of methods falls out in the proper places.
  • HTML/CSS Inspector: Like the Firebug it allows correlate the selected elements of the page with a code and proper style.
  • Context Help: The possible references for all supported languages is listed automatically by Context Help window. By pressing the F1 key the page with detailed description for current tag, attribute or function will be opened.
  • PHP Debugger: It allows the developer to debug code during development and execute PHP scripts incrementally. The developer can watch the values of all variables in every line.
  • SQL Manager: Codelobster PHP Edition provides the tool and code assistance for working with SQL. SQL Manager allows to produce all necessary actions with a database – to add, delete, edit a structure and records in tables, to export data, execute SQL queries. Also, the highlighting and autocompletion are works for SQL files.
  • FTP Support: Support of FTP allows to work straight with a remote server and to do all necessary changes with files.
  • Portable Option: You can use Codelobster PHP IDE without installing on your machine. The portable option allows using this source code editor without the preliminary installation.
  • Other Useful Utilities: Pair highlighting, the possibility of blocks selection, collapsing, tooltips, navigation on descriptions of functions and included files at withholding of the key of CTRL, viewing of structure of files and project, preview in a browser, book-marks, and all other standard possibilities for work with a code.

Also, there are some special plugins for work with

CMS: Drupal, Joomla
PHP frameworks: CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Yii
JavaScript libraries: jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, BackboneJS, MeteorJS
WordPress blogging engine
Smarty and Twig template engines

CodeLobster PHP Edition

Developed by: Codelobster Software
Supported Languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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