How to Create LinkedIn App, Client ID, and Client Secret

The LinkedIn application needs to be created for working with LinkedIn API. The Client ID and Client Secret are required to authenticate with LinkedIn API. By creating a LinkedIn App, you can generate the API Key or Consumer Key or Client ID and API Secret or Consumer Secret or Client Secret.

The most cases, the LinkedIn App credentials are used in Sign In with LinkedIn to get basic member profile data. In this tutorial, you will show you how to create a LinkedIn App, and generate Client ID & Client Secret to connect with LinkedIn API.

LinkedIn App Creation

Follow the step-by-step guide to get App ID and App Secret from the LinkedIn app, it will require for authenticating your web application with LinkedIn.

  • Go to the LinkedIn Developer Network page and log in with your LinkedIn account credentials.
  • Navigate to the My Apps page and Click the Create Application button to creates new LinkedIn App.
  • Provide the new application details into the app registration form.
    • Company Name: Select existing company or create a new company.
    • Name: Your application name.
    • Description: Your application description.
    • Application Logo: Select an image file as application logo.
    • Application Use: Select a use of your application.
    • Website URL: Provide a URL of the website where the details information can be found about your application.
    • Business Email: Provide an email for business contact.
    • Business Phone: Provide a phone number for business contact.
    • LinkedIn API Terms of Use: Check to agree.

    Once done, click the Submit button.

  • You will be redirected to the Authentication page where the Authentication Keys (Client ID & Client Secret) and other details will be shown.
  • If your web application needs user email from the LinkedIn account, check r_emailaddress permission. Also, you can add Authorized Redirect URLs for your LinkedIn application.

After configuring additional settings, click the Update to update App configuration.

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