How to Create YouTube Data API Key

The YouTube Data API provides the easiest way to access YouTube data, such as channels, playlists, and videos from the web application. To get started with YouTube Data API, you need to create API key and use it in the API request. In this tutorial, we will provide a step-by-step guide to generate an API key on Google Developer Console and get API key for YouTube Data API v3.

  • Go to the Google Developer Console and login to your Google account.
  • In Google API Console, click the Select a project link.
  • A dialog box will appear, click the plus button (+) to create a project.
  • Enter the Project name and select other options » Click the Create button.
  • It takes some seconds to setup your new project, please be patient. Once done, select your project.
  • Click the Library link on the left navigation menu. Under the YouTube APIs section and click the YouTube Data API link.
  • ENABLE the YouTube Data API v3 API to access the YouTube data.
  • Click the Credentials link on the left navigation menu. Click the Create credentials button and select API key.
  • A dialog box will appear with your newly created API Key. Use this API key in YouTube Data API v3 API request.

Want to see how do the YouTube Data API key works? See this working example – How to Get Videos from Channel using YouTube Data API

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