Online Free Tools to Test Website Speed and Performance

Page Speed is an essential element for every successful website. The low website speed affects search engine ranking. If your website takes much time to load, it will lose lots of visitors as well as revenue. According to Google Search Engine ranking algorithm, ranking depends on website speed. So, you need to optimize your site speed and performance to improve search engines rank and get more visitors.

Web page load speed depends on many factors and it’s not so easy to improve website speed instantly. Website speed test tool helps analyze web page load speed and make them faster. It always a good idea to test your website speed after uploading to the live server and follow the guidelines to improve site speed.

After experimenting various website speed test tools, we’ve found 3 best free online speed test tools for improving website speed and performance. The following website speed test services will help you to analyze and diagnose your website.


GTmetrix is a best free online speed test tool, gives insights of site loads and provides suggestions to improve the site speed. GTmetrix tells details about your website performance, PageSpeed and YSlow scores, page Load time, page size, the number of requests, and much more. Also, you can compare your site speed with the competitor website speed. GTmetrix allows users to download the performance report.


Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights test the both desktop and mobile site speed. This tool generates speed grade and report for two agents, desktop and mobile. Site rank produces between 1 to 100, higher rank indicates better site speed. Also, Google PageSpeed Insights provides the details suggestions to fix the site speed issue.



Pingdom is free website speed test tool, analyze the load speed of the website. It provides the recommendations to make your site faster. Pingdom examines every element of a web page and produces the file sizes, load times, and other details. Also, you can download or share the website performance report. The key feature of Pingdom is monitor website from multiple locations, which makes Pingdom speed test service unique from others.


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