How to Pass PHP Array to JavaScript Function

The json_encode() function in PHP provides an easy way to pass an array to JavaScript. Using json_encode() function, you can pass both single dimentional and multidimentional array to the JavaScript function.

The following example code shows you how to pass PHP array to JavaScript using json_encode() function.

The $phpArray variable holds a multidimensional PHP array which needs to pass to JavaScript.

= array(
'name'=>'John Doe''email'=>'[email protected]'),
'name'=>'Merry Moe''email'=>'[email protected]')

The PHP json_encode() function is used to pass array to JavaScript function.

getUserInfo(<?php echo json_encode($phpArray); ?>)

Now the PHP array can be accessed as a JavaScript object and you can use it in the JavaScript code.

function getUserInfo(userObj){

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