Find IP Address of Website

What is my Site IP Address?

The site IP address provides you with information of Domain IP address. The Site IP Address web tool provides you with the information of the IP address of your domain. The IP address of the site is important because it will help in the search engine optimization of the website. It is only the statistical IP addresses which can be read by the computers. When you know the IP addresses of the website, it also becomes easy to differentiate between genuine comments and spam.

How to use Site IP Address?

Using the site IP address is ab extremely easy task. Under the “Enter Domain Name” section enter the domain name of your website. The format for entering your domain name is “” After that tap on the “Submit” button. After this, you would be able to see the site IP address. It will be written as “Your domain IP address is You can now use this information for boosting the search engine optimization of the website. Also, it will help you to protect your website from other malicious websites. It should be noted that site IP address and domain IP address are one and the same thing.

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