Five Popular WordPress Theme Errors and Their Solutions

There are hundreds of forum posts that are normally opened on a daily basis on the and on other forums and in almost all the developer site theme that every developer has containing similar issues which can be resolved easily and within a short period of time. Definitely, most of the community members and theme developers are usually bored in answering such questions frequently. The post below addresses some of the most common WordPress theme errors and their possible solutions.


1. 404 Error Posts


This is exceptionally basic with topics that utilization custom post sorts. At whatever point you actuate another subject that utilizations custom post sorts you ought to reset your permalink settings.
The solution to this error is:
Go to Settings » Permalinks and tap the spare catch
In case that this does not work, you may need to upgrade your .htaccess document physically. Perused more about utilizing WordPress permalinks.

2. Errors in Sample Data Imports


You have your topic introduced and now you are transferring a specimen .xml document the subject designer was so pleasant to give you but then again you get a blunder!
The solution to this error is:
The fizzle to import blunder is generally one of two things.

    • For blunders like those that you see above Neglected to import Media these imply that the pictures are not being downloaded.
      • Did you check the case? Before running the import, did you have to check the case that peruses download and import record connections.
    • The first is that it could attempt to load posts or scientific categorizations from custom post sorts that do not exist yet.
      • Activate Theme: Make beyond any doubt the topic you will utilize is dynamic.
      • Double Check Theme: Make beyond any doubt the subject really incorporates these custom post sorts and scientific classifications – perhaps inquire as to whether you know how look yourself

    3. Different Landing and Demo Page

    It would be so marvelous if any topic you actuated looked precisely like the demo once it was initiated, nevertheless, much of the time this is not the situation.
    The solution to this error is:
    Below are some conceivable fixes for this issue:

    • Reading Settings Are Wrong: Another reason may be that the topic does not require any page format for the landing page design, however, you at present have your site set to utilize a static landing page. So make a beeline for Settings » Reading and set the main alternative so Front Page Displays » Your most recent posts
    • Use The Homepage Template: A considerable measure of topic designers utilize custom page formats for their landing page designs. So you ought to first obviously read the documentation records, however in the event that there isn’t any or you are being lethargic head over and make another page, while in the editorial manager under Page Attributes » Template verify whether there is a Home or Homepage format. Assuming this is the case, and then you presumably need to make a page with this layout then go to Settings » Reading and set it as the static page choice.

    4. Ugly URL’s


    As a matter of course, the default WordPress URL structure is not truly a great deal less SEO-Friendly. So if your URL’s are not looking that awesome ( then essentially go to Settings » Permalinks and set your choices to look as takes after (or pick the one that best works for you).

    5. The Template is not visible

    You have quite recently downloaded or acquired a super great subject and you go to introduce it and see the beautiful message beneath:
    Obviously, it is conceivable the compressed document you got did not have a style.css record, yet more probable the issue is you did not transfer the root topic envelope.
    The solution to this error is:
    Locate the organizer you have of the subject on your desktop and open it (on the off chance that it is zipped, unfasten and open it). Presently when you open it, you ought to see every one of your documents in there, if not the subject is likely in a sub-index. For instance, my superior topics all have the topic inside a Transfer organizer.

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