Find ZIP code or Postal code from Address


Whenever you need to send something by post, you always enter the PIN code, right? Well, the PIN code is also known as ZIP code in USA. When you need to parcel, you cannot ignore the importance of a PIN code. If you do not know the PIN code of a particular location, you can use the “ZIP Code Finder” web tool to find it out. All you need to provide us is with the address.

What is ZIP Code?

ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan code, was established by United States Postal Service for making mail travel more efficient and quick. It helps to identify a location and sending mail to that particular location. ZIP code consists of 5 digits decimal number, and now it has been extended to 9 digits code. Additional 4 digits are used to determine a more specific location.

What is Postal Code?

The Postal code also known as postcode, post code, PIN code, ZIP code is used in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. The Postal code consists of a series of letter or/and number which is assigned to a geographical area.

How does the Zip Code Finder tool work?

For getting the Zip Code, you will have first to enter the address and then click on “Get Zipcode” tab. This will provide you with information about the Zipcode of the address. You will then show the location on a Google Map. You have the option of having a look at the site both on map and satellite. Along with the information of the ZIP code and the location of the area on the map, the other information which are provided are a city name, state name, country name, latitude, and longitude. The postal codes are convenient when you need to send someone a mail, courier or other packages.

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